English Bay FIDE Invitational

April 25-27, 2003

1 Jack Yoos 2427 2398 * ½ ½ 1 1 1 4.0
2 Eduardo Moura 2072 2295 ½ * ½ ½ ½ 1 3.0
3 Fanhao Meng 2204 2283 ½ ½ * 1 1 0 3.0
4 Dragoljub Milicevic 2246 2115 0 ½ 0 * ½ 1 2.0
5 Vaclav Sladek 2009 2082 0 ½ 0 ½ * ½ 1.5
6 Nigel Fullbrook 2187 2046 0 0 1 0 ½ * 1.5

Vas Sladek writes:

This event was a personal project of sorts - I wanted to see if we could stage more FIDE events beyond the Keres and the BC Closed. My ultimate goal is to: 1) give BC chess players a chance to get their international ratings (I got my own modest rating thanks to the Keres Open!), 2) to give tournament directors norms towards their FIDE arbiter and International Organizer titles (event sponsors should, at least in theory, be more receptive when approached by titled International Organizers), and 3) broadcast the games live on the Internet using DGT technology with TOMA license purchased by Chess First! Enterprises.

Jack Yoos played well as usual and his participation was much appreciated. He received cash and a brand new copy of Fritz 8 for his efforts. Fanhao Meng ran into trouble in round five when he met Nigel Fullbrook, who saved his best for last (convincing Nigel to give up bridge for one weekend wasn't easy!). Brazilian Eduardo Moura was his usual steady self and should by now be well known in Vancouver. Dragoljub Milicevic received yet another gift when he drew against me in round five. Play the board kids! Coaches looking for a horrific example of when NOT to agree to a draw can contact me.

All players received one issue of ChessBase magazine. Thank you to SPEC for providing a great, quiet site for the event. Several more FIDE rated events are planned for the fall. Some have already been posted. Interested players with published FIDE ratings and unrated ambitious players with CFC ratings over 2000 please e-mail Vas Sladek, chessfm@shaw.ca or call 604-787-4553.

We also have the following comments by the winner:

"I just wanted to mention, to any experts/masters out west, that last weekend, here in Vancouver, I played in a FIDE rated RR tournament organized by Vas Sladek. Vas has been holding a series of tournaments for experts and masters recently. Well, Vas did a great job! It was a first-rate tournament with excellent playing conditions and very good prizes in relation to entry fee. I highly recommend his tournaments to anybody interested."

Some photographs from the event:

SPEC Jack Yoos
The tournament site, SPEC Jack Yoos
Fanhao Meng Eduardo Moura
Fanhao Meng Eduardo Moura
Dragoljub Milicevic Nigel Fullbrook
Dragoljub Milicevic Nigel Fullbrook
Vaclav Sladek
Vaclav Sladek, TD and organizer

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