2001 B.C. Junior Championship

NameRating12 345Total
1Roman Jiganchine2253 W8W3W5W6L2 4.0
2Fanhao Meng1970 W11W4L6W10W1 4.0
3John Wilson1842 W18L1W11W7W8 4.0
4Yamei Wang1826 W19L2W14W5W6 4.0
5Lucas Davies1924 W17W14L1L4W10 3.0
6Kaleim Nathani1882 W13W15W2L1L4 3.0
7Benedict Daswani1763 L14W12W18L3W13 3.0
8Gavin Atkinson1736 L1W13W15W9L3 3.0
9Jason Lee1919 W12H---L10L8W16 2.5
10Louis Cheng1829 H---W16W9L2L5 2.5
11Valentina Goutor1724 L2W19L3D18W15 2.5
12Graham Sadoway1605 L9L7L13B---W18 2.0
13Lawrence Bau1575 L6L8W12W14L7 2.0
14Glen Nogayev1481 W7L5L4L13W19 2.0
15Tiffany Tang1319 B---L6L8W17L11 2.0
16Noam Davies1700 H---L10D17D19L9 1.5
17Yaroslav Goutor1622 L5L18D16L15B--- 1.5
18Rostyslav Pildysh1518 L3W17L7D11L12 1.5
19Peter Sum1492 L4L11B---D16L14 1.5

The B.C. Junior Champion for 2001 is Roman Jiganchine. However, despite having a 283 rating point cushion over the rest of the field, his road to the title was not without incident. Having won his first four games, in the last round Roman contrived to lose to Fanhao Meng, thus producing a four-way tie(!) between Jiganchine, Meng, John Wilson and Yamei Wang. Yamei declined to take part in the playoffs, which left three to go through the excitement/agony of sudden-death tie-break games. Following a round of 15 minute/player games the scores were still tied, so we went to a second round of 5 minute/player games. After two games Jiganchine and Meng each had a win, but in the third game Wilson had King and Rook against Jiganchine's lone King. Unfortunately for John his flag fell (well, actually fortunately from the TD's perspective), thus Roman drew the game and "won" the championship. Black won all the playoff games and was winning in the final drawn game!

The tournament was held at the Vancouver Bridge Centre on the weekend of November 10-12, 2001. Katherine Davies was the organizer, Stephen Wright the tournament director. In addition to the main first prize of a trip to the Canadian Junior Championship, prizes were also awarded for Best Game and Biggest Upset. Ben Daswani and Yamei Wang shared the former, for their wins against Graham Sadoway and Kaleim Nathani respectively, while Tiffany Tang won the latter by beating Yaroslav Goutor, a 303 point difference.

Some games from the event

Reserve Section

NameRating 12345Total
1Danny Yu1315 W4W3W2W8D6 4.5
2Andrew Petchenov1288 W5W6L1W4L3 3.0
3Thomas Chow1113 W7L1L5B---W2 3.0
4Jamie Harper1083 L1W7W6L2W8 3.0
5Laura Harper1009 L2W8W3L6B--- 3.0
6Stefan Trandafir1118 W8L2L4W5D1 2.5
7Gregory Lam646 L3L4H---H---H--- 1.5
8Athena Lam853 L6L5H---L1L4 0.5