2003 BC - Washington State Match Report

Report by Len Molden:

Congratulations to all of you for making the BC - Washington State chess match a reality, won by BC in a hard fought, competitive match 6-4.

On behalf of Joe Oszvald for the BC Chess Federation and myself, I thank all of you for participating. We also offer our thanks to Lynn Stringer and Mark Barnes for acting as the Tournament Directors, and to Duane Polich whose idea it was, the Washington State Chess Federation, and all of the Washington players. Thanks also to Bill Lee for allowing us to use the facilities and handling the arrangements.

Because of your participation, this was the first time a BC - Washington State chess match has been held since 1976. We've now established a solid foundation for this to become a regular yearly event. Planning has already begun for next year's match between Duane Polich, Joe and me. We're looking at a Sunday in November somewhere between Bellingham and Seattle. Duane and Joe are also discussing the possibility of restarting the BC Champion vs. Washington State Champion match as well. Well done to all of you. Thanks again,


British Columbia - Washington State
BCIT, Dec.6

1. Oliver Schulte - Elliott Neff .05-.05
2. Jack Yoos - Nat Koons 1-0
3. Harry Moore - Curt Collyer 0-1
4. Brian McLaren - Fred Kleist 1-0
5. Dan Scoones - Mike Franett 0-1
6. Laszlo Tegzes - Mike Schemm 0-1
7. Mike Stanford - Paul Zurybida 1-0
8. Eduardo Moura - Geoffrey Gale .05-.05
9. Jesse Bouvier - Meir Lakhovsky 1-0
10. Dragoljub Milicevic - Elston Cloy 1-0


BC Team BC Team

Washington State Team Washington State Team

(A complete report including photos and annotated games will be forthcoming)

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