Cafe Roma Tournament

Report by Dan Scoones:

Many thanks to Savo at the Cafe Roma for a great day of chess (Cafe Roma tournament, August 12.) Camaraderie, great capuccino, and many exciting games! My first tournament in Vancouver since the 1986 Keres Memorial exceeded my expectations: 1-2 Gary Basanta and Dan Scoones 4.5 points from 5 games to share $375. John Anderson directed, amazingly without using pairing cards, and Jesse the phenomenal organizer was everywhere, including the chessboard. Lunch was a huge spread of meat, cheese, and salads, courtesy of Savo assisted by Jack Yoos. Unhappily for us, Jack did not play as his trainer would not permit it. Throughout the day a CNN story on drug-testing of chessplayers ran silently on Cafe Roma's big screens. Commercial Drive's famous European ambience was everywhere. Thanks to everyone for a great experience!

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