Pascal Charbonneau Simul

Report by Luc Poitras:

The simul of Pascal Charbonneau was a great success. 24 people showed up to challenge the Canadian Champion. Pascal agreed to let people choose their colour and Pascal ended up with Black on most of the boards. The players varied in strength from 700 to 1950 and Pascal confessed this was the most challenging simul he had ever done. The atmosphere was really pleasant and everybody had a good time. The result was 19 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws. The losses were against Lucas Davies, Chris Walsh, and Brian Sullivan. The draws were against Don Monteith and Noam Davies. Pascal's wins were against Stewart Paulson, Ben Daswani, Paul MacDonnell, Jan Sobotka, Howard Ng, Andrew Henrey, Michael Henrey, Cameron Miller, Richard Gaulin, Paul McNichol, Alex Reid, Brianna Reid, Richard Reid, Leo Erazo, Gavin Atkinson, Louis McCusky, Hugh Long, Peter Lee and Stefan Trandafir. Pascal got $340 and a cold beer for his effort. I wish him now good luck for his match next week against the American Champion Larry Christiansen.

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