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More annotated games from the BC Closed may be found on Nick Beqo's website: 
My Chess Games 

HALLOWEEN OPEN 2002 by Vas Sladek

Capilano College Chess Club Active tournament October 19, 2002

Organizer Gavin Steininger and TD Balin Fleming combined to put on a 
successful active event at the Capilano College Chess Club.

Vas Sladek came first with 4.5/5 points after taking a last round bye, 2nd 
went Gavin Steininger 4.0/5, 3rd went to Balin Fleming 3.5/5 and Jarmila 
Ruzicka, the only girl in the tournament, came 4th with 3.0/5.


Fanhao Meng and Eduardo Moura (FIDE 2235) tied for first with 4/5 with Robert 
North and Vas Sladek finishing in 3rd and 4th with 2.5 and 2 points 
respectively.  There was a last-minute venue change from New Westminster to 
Capilano College which freed up more money for prizes. When Fanhao was having 
trouble finding the playing hall before round one, a very anxious Robert 
North threatened to pull out of the event! Fanhao made it and Robert got his 
wish with a round one clash. Disaster averted! Eduardo Moura of Brazil 
performed in line with his FIDE 2235 rating.  The event was sponsored by 
Chess First! Enterprises. Fanhao earned a copy of Fritz 7 and all players 
received copies of ChessBase magazine EXTRA.  

There are still spots open for the November edition of northshorechess.com 
invitational. Interested players 1800+ are invited to e-mail TD and Organizer 
Vas Sladek: chessfm@shaw.ca

Photos: October northshorechess.com, crosstable: Northshorechesscom 

(1) Meng,F - North,R [B22]
northshorechess.com Inv'l North Vancouver (1), 25.10.2002

 1.e4 c5 2.c3 d5 3.exd5 Qxd5 4.d4 Nf6 5.Nf3 Bg4 6.Be2 e6 7.0-0 Be7 8.Be3 cxd4 
9.cxd4 Nc6 10.Nc3 Qd6 11.a3 0-0 12.Qb3 Rfd8 13.Rfd1 Nd5 14.h3 Bh5 15.Rac1 
Rac8 16.Qxb7 Nxe3 17.fxe3 Rb8 18.Qa6 Bxf3 19.Bxf3 Nxd4 20.Qxd6 Nxf3+ 21.gxf3 
Bxd6 22.Na4 g6 23.Kf2 Kg7 24.Ke2 Kf6 25.Rc6 Ke7 26.Ra6 Rb7 27.b4 Bb8 28.Nc5 
Rxd1 29.Nxb7 Rh1 30.Na5 Kd7 31.Nc6 Kc7 32.b5 Rxh3 33.Nxa7 Bxa7 34.Rxa7+ Kb6 
35.Rxf7 Kxb5 36.Re7 Kc4 37.f4 Kd5 38.a4 h5 39.a5 Rh2+ 40.Kf3 Rh3+ 41.Kf2 Rh2+ 
42.Kg3 Ra2 43.Rg7 e5 44.Rxg6 Ke4 45.Re6 Rxa5 46.Kh4 Rd5 47.Re8 Kf5 48.Kxh5 
exf4 49.e4+ 1-0

(2) Yousefzadeh,M - Meng,F [B02]
northshorechess.com Inv'l (5), 27.10.2002

 1.e4 Nf6 2.Nc3 d5 3.exd5 Nxd5 4.Nxd5 Qxd5 5.d4 Nc6 6.Nf3 Bg4 7.Be2 0-0-0 
8.Be3 e5 9.c3 exd4 10.cxd4 Bb4+ 11.Kf1 Rhe8 12.h3 Bh5 13.Kg1 f5 14.g3 Nxd4 
15.Nxd4 Bxe2 16.Qa4 Bc5 17.Nxe2 Bxe3 18.fxe3 Qf3 19.Rh2 Qxe3+ 20.Rf2 Rd2 
21.Re1 Rxb2 22.Rd1 b5 23.Qa6+ Kb8 24.Kf1 f4 25.gxf4 Qxh3+ 26.Kg1 Qg4+ 27.Kf1 
Qh5 28.f5 Qh1+ 29.Ng1 Rxf2+ 30.Kxf2 Qh4+ 31.Kf1 Qc4+ 32.Kg2 Qc2+ 33.Kh1 Qe4+ 
34.Kh2 Qf4+ 35.Kg2 Qxf5 36.Qc6 Qe4+ 37.Qxe4 Rxe4 38.Rd5 a6 39.Kf3 Ra4 40.Rd2 
Kb7 41.Ne2 Kb6 42.Nc1 Ra3+ 43.Kf2 a5 44.Nb3 a4 45.Nd4 c5 46.Ne6 Rh3 47.Kg2 
Rh6 48.Nf4 b4 49.Kf3 Kb5 50.Ke4 b3 51.Nd5 Rh4+ 52.Ke3 c4 53.a3 Rh3+ 54.Kd4 
Rd3+ 55.Rxd3 cxd3 56.Nc3+ Ka5 57.Kxd3 h5 58.Nd1 g5 59.Ke4 h4 60.Kf3 Kb6 
61.Nb2 Kb5 62.Kg4 Ka5 ½-½

(3) Moura,E - North,R [B53]
northshorechess.com Inv'l (4), 27.10.2002

 1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 d6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Qxd4 Nc6 5.Bb5 Bd7 6.Bxc6 Bxc6 7.Nc3 Nf6 8.Bg5 
e6 9.0-0-0 Be7 10.Rhe1 Qa5 11.Kb1 Qc5 12.Qxc5 dxc5 13.Ne5 Rc8 14.f3 h6 15.Be3 
0-0 16.Nxc6 Rxc6 17.e5 Ne8 18.Rd7 Rc7 19.Rxe7 Rxe7 20.Bxc5 Rd7 21.Rd1 Rxd1+ 
22.Nxd1 f5 23.Bxf8 Kxf8 24.c4 g5 25.Nc3 Ke7 26.b4 Ng7 27.g4 fxg4 28.fxg4 h5 
29.h3 hxg4 30.hxg4 Nf5 31.gxf5 exf5 32.Kc2 Ke6 33.c5 Kxe5 34.b5 g4 35.Kd3 f4 
36.a4 1-0


A grand total of fifty-four players participated in the second Grand Prix 
event, held in an almost overflowing room of the Strathcona Community Centre. 
Most of the players were placed in Quads and played in three-game Round 
Robins; the remainer took part in a five-round Swiss. Prize winners from the 
Quads were: Gavin Atkinson and Jason Lee, Noam Davies and Valentina Goutor, 
Andrey kostin and Jeff Haran, Alexander Reid and Bryan Young (tied), Manu 
Singh and Lesley Cheng (tied), Jasenko Dzinovic and Ovidiu Almasan, and 
Steven Roller, Lo-Ching Chow and Laura Harper. In the Swiss Raymond Soo and 
Kevin Au shared first, while Dan Beschea and Neil Atkinson tied for third. 
Stephen Wright directed, assisted by Katherine Davies.

The current leaders in the Grand Prix are as follows:

Atkinson, Gavin 9.5 
Davies, Noam 8.3
Dzinovic, Jasenko 7.7 
Davies, Lucas 7.2 
Cheng, Lesley 6.9 
Almasan, Ovidiu 6.7
Sum, Peter 6.5
Chow, Lo-Ching 6.5 

However, there are still six more events to go, so there is plenty of time 
for the lead to change - remember, you only count your top six results (out 
of eight events).

30 YEARS AGO by Bruce Harper

Thirty years ago the Chess Olympiad was (also) held in Yugoslavia, although 
the current host country, Slovenia, is no longer a part of that country. 
Vancouver's team members, Duncan Suttles and Peter Biyiasas, had excellent 
results and helped Canada finish 15th in the tournament. Biyiasas was in 
especially good form, winning eight games and drawing seven, finishing 
without a loss.

His game against Indonesia's Suradiredja was just the sort of game you want 
to play in an event like this. Black mixed systems and weakened his dark 
squares, and found his plans upset by 8.Na3!, which defends the bishop on b5 
and threatens 9.Nc4 and 10.Nd6+. This meant Black could not take White's 

Black's 8...d5 was an almost desperate attempt to prevent 9.Nc4, but as so 
often happens in a difficult position, stopping one threat opened the door to 
others. White's next few moves were easy, and the natural 12...0-0 turned out 
to be the losing move. Of course Black knew he was giving up the exchange, 
but his anticipated compensation evaporated after 14.Bxc5! Having committed a 
number of chess sins, Black may have thought one more wouldn't make much of a 
difference, so he took the Queen's Knight Pawn with his Queen. He quickly 
found his last meal to be easier to eat than to digest.

Biyiasas,P - Suradiredja,H [B31]
Skopje ol fin Skopje (6), 1972

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 g6 4.0-0 Bg7 5.c3 e6 6.d4 cxd4 7.cxd4 Qb6 8.Na3 d5 
9.exd5 exd5 10.Re1+ Nge7 11.Bf4 Be6 12.Bd6 0-0 13.Bxc6 Nxc6 14.Bc5 Qxb2 
15.Re3 Na5 16.Rb1 Qxa2 17.Re2 1-0


In a previous issue we discussed John Ewing, who became the first official BC 
champion in 1916.  Before that date there were players who were widely 
acknowledged to be the strongest player in the province - the best of these 
unofficial champions was Thomas Piper:

Piper, Thomas Henry (January 30, 1857 - November 26, 1938)

Born in London, England.  At some point in the late 1880s Piper emigrated to 
America via Australia: he landed in California, but lived in Seattle from 
1889 to 1893.  In 1894 he moved to Victoria, where he was employed in the 
naval dockyards at Esquimalt as a ship carpenter and caulker.  He retired in 

Piper developed into a strong amateur player in his native London.  He beat 
the English champion Joseph Blackburne on at least one occasion, and is said 
to have made a special study of the French Defence.  In the Vizayanagaram 
tournament of 1883 (the 'minor' event held in conjunction with the 1883 
London International) Piper placed 8th in a field of 26 which included von 
Bardeleben, Gunsberg and MacDonnell.  After emigrating to North America Piper 
held his own against all opposition, and was arguably the strongest player on 
the Pacific coast for twenty-five years.  In 1895 Piper led Victoria in a 
drawn telegraph match with San Francisco, his expertise in the French Defence 
coming to the fore on board 1.  Just before this match Piper had won a 
handicap tournament at the Victoria Chess Club (a round robin, those in 
higher classes giving odds to the players in lower classes) with a score of 
35-1(!).  In 1896 Piper played a match with the former president of the 
Montréal Chess Club Joseph Babson, beating him by the score of 7-2.  In 1899 
Magnus Smith won the Canadian championship for the first time; shortly 
thereafter Piper challenged him to a match for the title, with a purse of 
$1,000.  This was roundly denounced as turning chess into a professional 
game, and the challenge was not accepted. 

After this Piper seems to have largely withdrawn from competitive play, 
although he continued to be active in many other areas of the game.  He 
remained a strong opponent in offhand games through the first decades of this 
century; reports indicate he scored well against all opposition in San Diego, 
San Francisco and Seattle, as well as Victoria.  He acted as referee on 
several occasions, the most famous being the 1926 simultaneous exhibition by 
Emanuel Lasker in Seattle.  Piper was responsible for coaching a number of 
Victoria players. His preferred method seems to have been the playing of 
games at odds: there are reports of games with Partington (many time Victoria 
city champion) at rook odds, and in 1925 he played a series of games at queen 
knight odds with Max Enke (two-time B.C. champion).  Around the same time 
Piper took over authorship of the chess column in the Victoria Daily Colonist 
from C.F. Davie, and continued producing a more-or-less weekly column until 
the summer of 1931.  At the time of his death Piper was honorary president of 
both the Victoria and Seattle Chess Clubs. 

Blackburne,J - Piper,T [C45]
London, 1881

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 exd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nxc6 bxc6 6.e5 Qe7 7.Qe2 Nd5 8.Nd2 
g6 9.Nf3 Bg7 10.a3 a5 11.Bg5 Qe6 12.c4 Nb6 13.Bf4 Ba6 14.Rc1 0-0-0 15.b4 axb4 
16.axb4 d6 17.b5 cxb5 18.cxb5 dxe5 19.Be3 Bb7 20.Ng5 Qe7 21.f3 Nd5 22.b6 Nxb6 
23.g3 f5 24.Bg2 Rd7 25.0-0 Nd5 26.Rb1 Nxe3 27.Qxe3 e4 28.Kh1 exf3 29.Rxf3 
Qxe3 30.Rxe3 Bxg2+ 31.Kxg2 Bh6 32.Ra3 Rd2+ 33.Kh3 Re8 34.Nf3 Rde2 35.Nd4 Rf2 
36.Ra7 g5 37.Rh1 g4+ 38.Kh4 Re1 39.Nxf5 Rxh1 40.Nxh6 Rfxh2+ 0-1

San Francisco - Victoria (led by Piper) [C13]
Telegraph match, 31.05.1895

1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Nc3 Nf6 4.Bg5 Be7 5.Bxf6 Bxf6 6.e5 Be7 7.Qg4 0-0 8.Bd3 c5 
9.Qh3 h6 10.Nf3 Nc6 11.dxc5 Bxc5 12.0-0 f5 13.a3 a6 14.b4 Ba7 15.Rae1 Bd7 
16.Re2 Rc8 17.Nb1 b5 18.Kh1 Ne7 19.Ng1 Bc6 20.f4 d4 21.Qh4 Nd5 22.Qxd8 Rfxd8 
23.Nd2 Ne3 24.Rc1 g5 25.fxg5 hxg5 26.Nh3 g4 27.Nf4 Kf7 28.Nf1 Nd5 29.Nxd5 
Bxd5 30.Kg1 Rc3 31.Ra1 Be4 32.a4 Bxd3 33.cxd3 Rd7 34.axb5 axb5 35.Ng3 Ke7 
36.Rea2 Bb8 37.Ne2 Rxd3 38.Nf4 Re3 39.Rd2 Bxe5 40.Nd3 Bd6 41.Ra6 e5 42.g3 e4 

Piper,T - Babson,J [C33]
Match Victoria (7), 17.03.1896

1.e4 e5 2.f4 exf4 3.Bc4 d5 4.Bxd5 Nf6 5.Nc3 Bb4 6.Nf3 Bxc3 7.bxc3 Nxd5 8.exd5 
Qxd5 9.Ba3 Bg4 10.0-0 Nc6 11.Qe1+ Kd7 12.d4 Bxf3 13.Rxf3 g5 14.c4 Qxc4 15.d5 
Qd4+ 16.Kh1 Ne5 17.Rf1 Rae8 18.Rd1 Qb6 19.Qc3 Ng4 20.Bc5 Qh6 21.Bg1 Rhf8 
22.d6 cxd6 23.Qf3 Re3 24.Qxb7+ Kd8 25.Qxa7 Ree8 26.Rb1 Qe6 27.Rb8+ Qc8 
28.Rfb1 1-0


Announcement concerning the B.C. Junior:

This year the BC Junior Championship will not be held as a separate event, 
but rather it will take place in conjunction with the Lionel Joyner Memorial 
Tournament.  The title of Junior Champion (along with a paid entry and travel 
support to the Canadian Junior Championship in Shawinigan, January 2003) will 
be awarded to the junior player who has the best score in the tournament.  
This gives the juniors a chance to play their peers and at the same time to 
take part in a strong adult event, while the adults have an opportunity to 
match wits with the next generation of chess stars while competing against 
their own peers.  Pairings will be by the usual Swiss rules, with the 
provision that the leading contenders for the junior title will be paired 
together on the last day.  So adults and juniors alike, come and participate 
in an event honouring Lionel Joyner, who (among other distinctions) was 
Canada's representative to the 1st World Junior Championship (Birmingham, 
England, 1951). 

Upcoming junior events:

November 9-11 BC Junior Closed/Lionel Joyner Memorial, Vancouver Bridge Centre
November 14-25 World Youth Chess Championships, Crete
November 17 Island Junior Open - # 3 (Victoria)
November 24 Grand Prix # 3, Vancouver Bridge Centre
December 7 Annual BC - Washington Junior Match, Seattle
December 8 Greater Victoria City Championship

For details visit British Columbia Chess Federation or Greater Victoria 
Junior Chess  

Vernon Silver Star (Qualifier to the BC Closed)

Dates:Nov. 9, 10, 11, 2002
Type: 6 Round Swiss
Times: noon/5; 10/4; 9/asap
Place: Village Green Hotel Vernon B.C. 4801 27th St. ph (250) 542-3331
Entry: $30, $25 Seniors, $20 Juniors Non CFC pay entry + $12
Prizes: BEN
TD & Org Wally Steinke wsteinke@sd22.bc.ca ph (250) 545-6677
Lionel Joyner Memorial 

Dates: November 9, 10, 11
Place: Vancouver Bridge Centre, 2776 East Broadway (at Kaslo), Vancouver
Rounds: 6
Times: 10/4, 10/4, 10/ASAP
Type: Regular Swiss
TC: 40/120; SD/60
Byes: Rds. 1-5
EF: Adults $30, Juniors & Seniors $20 (non-CFC members add $10)
**inquire about discounts for the starving &/or unemployed
Prizes: $$ BEN
Registration: At site 9:30 - 9:50 am
TD: Stephen Wright
For more information please call organizers:
Katherine Davies 604-266-5842; e-mail: mail-for-katherine@telus.net
Stephen Wright: 604-221-7148; e-mail: StphWrg@aol.com

UBC Tuesday Night Swiss - November - December 2002

Dates: November 12th, 19th, 26th, December 3rd, 10th
Place: UBC Student Union Building, Room 212
Rounds: 5 round Swiss System (one round per week)
Time: Round 1; a.s.a.p. after 7pm, Rounds 2-5; 6:30pm
Time Control: 40 moves / 90 minutes, game / 60 minutes
Entry Fee: $15, $12 UBC CC members (available at site), $8 juniors, $Free to 
masters and those joining CFC/BCCF for the first time
Registration: 6:30 - 7 pm before round 1
Prizes: Based on entries ($$BEN)
Org & TD: Lyle Craver (604)980-2040
Misc: half point byes available for rounds 1-4 when requested at least 24 
hours before game time (in person or by phone only please - no e-mail bye 
requests!) Please bring sets, clocks, etc.

Saturday Chess Fever

Date: Nov. 16, 23, 30, Dec. 7, 14
Location: at the Bridge Center 2776 East Broadway, Vancouver
Rds: 5
Type: Regular Swiss, 2 sections Open and Under 1700
Time: Games start at 5:00p.m.
Time Control: 30/90 G/60
Entry Fee: $25, $20 for Juniors and Masters
Prizes: $$ BEN
Org: James Kerry (604) 438-7666 and Luc Poitras (604) 438-0496

Jack Taylor Memorial Tournament

Date: November 23rd and 24th
Type: 5 Round Swiss
Entry Fee: $35 Regular, $25 for Juniors
Prize Fund: 100% of EF minus Expenses
CFC Rated
Time Control 40/90 minutes - SD/1 Hour
Location: University of Victoria, Human & Social Development Building, Room 
Registration: November 23rd 8:30AM at the site.
Organizer & TD: Lynn Stringer
Contact: Lynn Stringer at lynnstringer@shaw.ca ; Tel (250) 658 5207

Northshorechess.com CM Invitational 

Date: Nov.30-Dec. 1, 2002 
Place: New Westminster, BC
Rds: 5 
Type: 6-player RR
Round times: 9, 2, 7/ 9, ASAP
TC: SD 120 
EF: $35 
Prizes: 1st $100 plus Fritz 7 software 
Reg: interested expert players (2000-2199) e-mail chessfm@shaw.ca for 
TD & Org: Vas Sladek
Misc: no smoking, CFC membership required, one ChessBase magazine EXTRA issue 
to all players completing their schedule 

Dan MacAdam Memorial Tournament

Date: January 18th and January 19th 2003
Type: 5 Round Swiss
Entry Fee: $35 Regular, $25 for Juniors
Prize Fund: 100% of EF minus Expenses
CFC Rated
Time Control 40/90 minutes - SD/1 Hour
Location: University of Victoria, Human & Social Development Building, Room 
Registration: January 18th 8:30AM at the site.
Organizer & TD: Lynn Stringer
Contact: Lynn Stringer at lynnstringer@shaw.ca ; Tel (250) 658 5207

Kelowna Winter Fest

Dates: Feb. 8 & 9, 2003
Type: 5 Round Swiss
Times: 9/2/7; 9/asap
Place: Sandman Inn Kelowna B.C. 2130 Harvey Ave across from Orchard Park Mall 
(250) 860-6409
Entry: $25, $20 Seniors, $15 Juniors Non CFC pay entry + $12
Prizes: BEN
TD & Org Lynn Stringer, Wally Steinke & Ian Higgs wsteinke@sd22.bc.ca ph 
(250) 545-6677 ianofski@cablelan.net

Kelowna Summer Fest

Dates: July. 5 & 6, 2003
Type: 5 Round Swiss
Times: 9/2/7; 9/asap
Place: Sandman Inn Kelowna B.C. 2130 Harvey Ave across from Orchard Park Mall 
(250) 860-6409
Entry: $25, $20 Seniors, $15 Juniors Non CFC pay entry + $12
Prizes: BEN
TD & Org Lynn Stringer Wally Steinke & Ian Higgs wsteinke@sd22.bc.ca ph (250) 
545-6677 ianofski@cablelan.net

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