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This year's BCYCC was held at St. John's School Vancouver; the two-day tournament attracted a total of 76 players, up substantially from the totals for the past two years.  Thanks are due to St. John's School for allowing us to use their facilities, faculty member Sukhbir Bolina for helping to organize the event, and the St. John's business education class, who provided pizza and snacks for the players and donated the profits to charity.  The winners were as follows:
U10 Boys
1 Arik Milner (overall champion)
2 Jack Cheng
3 Alex Sabaratnam
U10 Girls
1 Alexandra Botez
2 Malina Hapchina
3 Erika Ruiter
U12 Boys
1 Louie Jiang (overall champion)
2 Joshua Wild
3 Aviv Milner
U12 Girls
1 Diana Durbalau
2 Kelsey King
3 Celine Caldwell
U14 Boys
1 Noam Davies (overall champion)
2 Danny Yu
3 Michael Wee
U14 Girls
1 Chelsea Ruiter
2 Ana Maria Luca
U16 Boys
1 Malcolm Bowles
2 Sam Churchill
3 Richard Wang
U16 Girls
1 Tiffany Tang (overall champion)
U18 Boys
1 Fanhao Meng (overall champion)
2 Lucas Davies
3 Ben Daswani
http://www.chess.ca/xtable.asp?TNum=200503028 (U10)
http://www.chess.ca/xtable.asp?TNum=200503029 (U12)
http://www.chess.ca/xtable.asp?TNum=200503030 (U14)
http://www.chess.ca/xtable.asp?TNum=200503031 (U16)
http://www.chess.ca/xtable.asp?TNum=200503032 (U18)



The event was won by Chai Phonchiangkwong and Dave Moore, with class prizes by Hugh Long and Kevin Goodman.  It was good to be back in our favourite venue again. 

VERNON, B.C.   TD & ORG:   W STEINKE DATE: Feb. 26-27, 2005
 #  Name             Rtg  Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5 TOTAL 
  1 Phonchiangkwong  2013  -7  +13  +12  +9   +5     4 
  2 Moore            1998  +9  -5   +6   +4   +3     4 
  3 Neufahrt         1970  +11 +7   =0   =5   -2     3 
  4 Kindret          1797  -12 +11  +7   -2   -6     2 
  5 Long             1712  +14 +2   +8   =3   -1     3.5 
  6 Steinke          1712  =0  =12  -2   +10  +4     3 
  7 Sullivan         1707  +1  -3   -4   -12  +11    2 
  8 Whitman          1685  =0  +10  -5   -13  -9     1.5 
  9 Bishop           1651  -2  +14  +10  -1   +8     3 
 10 Trotter          1644  =0  -8   -9   -6   +14    1.5 
 11 Kelman           1596  -3  -4   =0   +14  -7     1.5
 12 Goodman          1571  +4  =6   -1   +7   +13    3.5
 13 Paulson          1490  =0  -1   +14  +8   -12    2.5
 14 Barton           UNR   -5  -9   -13  -11  -10    0

The Annual General Meeting of the British Columbia Chess Federation will be held:
Date: Saturday, May 21, 2005
Time: 9:00 am
Location: Hungarian Cultural Centre, 728 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC
Note: The Keres Memorial Tournament rounds on May 21, 2005, will start at 11:30 am and 5:30 pm.
Come out and help make a difference to chess in B.C.!


The following motion was recently based by the BCCF executive:

In order to recognize and reward the essential contribution of chess organizers to the development of chess in B.C., beginning January 1, 2005, the British Columbia Chess Federation will remunerate chess organizers and tournament directors as follows:

  1. The rate of remuneration shall be determined by the number of participants in an event and the duration of the event.
  2. Organizers/tournament directors shall be remunerated $.50 per half day for each adult participant and $.25 per half day for each junior participant, up to a maximum of $100 per event. Organizers/tournament directors therefore shall receive $1.00 for full each day of an event for each adult participant, and $.50 for each full day of an event for each junior participant, up to the $100 maximum.
  3. A person is considered to have organized an event if he or she is responsible for completing the following tasks:
    1. Arranging a free date on the schedule with the BCCF Tournament Coordinator.
    2. Finding a site for the event.
    3. Writing up a notice for the event, listing all the relevant information in the standard form, and providing the notice to the BCCF webmaster so the event may be publicized.
    4. Making reasonable efforts to publicize the event, including by making e-mails, postings on ChessTalk, phone calls, talking to players, and so on.
    5. Taking care of the logistical and administrative details of the event, such as ensuring there are enough tables, chairs, sets, boards and scoresheets, having the site open to players, taking pictures, etc.
    6. Submitting the results of the event for rating, if applicable.
    7. Submitting a report of the event to the BCCF webmaster and bulletin editor, including some games (with annotation, if possible) and photographs (if possible).
  4. A person is considered to have directed an event if he or she is attended the event, made pairings, supervised play, and carried out the other responsibilities of a tournament director.
  5. If more than one person organizes and directs an event, more than one certificate will be issued by the BCCF, as requested by those involved in organizing and directing the event.
  6. Once all the steps outlined above are completed, the BCCF shall issue a certificate to the appropriate people, setting out the value of the remuneration.
  7. Certificates may be used to pay membership fees to the BCCF and CFC or to enter any BCCF sanctioned chess event.
  8. Certificates used to enter BCCF sanctioned chess events will be redeemed by the BCCF.
  9. Certificates are transferable, and may be used by people other than the original recipient.
  10. Certificates must be used within one year of the date of issue.
  11. Organizers and tournament directors seeking remuneration must notify the BCCF in advance and have their event sanctioned by the BCCF as suitable for remuneration.

A new supplement of 460 games is now available as an update to BCBASE, the BC chess game database.  The contents include recent tournaments (2005 Vancouver Class Championship, 2005 MacAdam Memorial, 2005 UBC Team Event, and some games from the Lower Mainland Chess League, among others), along with somewhat older games, many of them contributed by Paul Brown.

Details of the 2005 Canadian Junior Championship have been released:
April 30th - May 4th, 2005

Days Inn, 460 Fairview Drive, Brantford, Ontario

9 Round Swiss - CFC and FIDE Rated.

Qualification: Provincial and Territorial champions automatically qualify.  Remaining spots will go to players who register, in rating order, up to a maximum total of 40 players.  Your date of birth must be later than January 1st, 1985.

Round Times: 10 am and 4 pm each day.  Time Controls: SD / 90 with 30 second increment.

TD: Christopher Mallon.  Assistant: Patrick McDonald

Entry Fees: $150, to be paid directly to the CFC no later than April 15th.
All players must be CFC members.

Registration: c/o CFC Business Office, E1-2212 Gladwin Cres. Ottawa, ON K1B 5N1 E-mail info@chess.ca Phone: (613) 733-2844.  For additional information about the event please contact Christopher Mallon, dcmallon@rogers.com or by phone (519) 720-0209.
Registration closes April 15th.

Prize Fund: 1st Place gets a free trip to the 2005 World Junior.

Equipment: All equipment is provided.  Top boards will be broadcast live on the internet.

Rooms and other info: Double rooms available for SPECIAL discounted rate of $79 per night plus tax if you mention the chess tournament.  Only 12 rooms are reserved so book ASAP.  Regular rate is $99 per night. Call (519) 759-2700 to book rooms.  There is also a Best Western quite close as well should more rooms be needed.  Days Inn is an easy 10 minute walk to over 30 restaurants, a mall, several large plazas, and is less than a minute s drive off the 403 on Wayne Gretzky Parkway.  There will be an awards banquet on thet Wednesday evening.


To save space, from now on I will only give basic information for events - date, place, and type.  Full details for all the events listed here may be found on the BCCF site, www.chess.bc.ca.
Junior Events
Mar 12 Fraser Valley Regional Secondary Chess Challenge
Mar 13 Vancouver Regional Chess Challenge
Mar 24-27 National CYCC, Victoria
Apr 10 Provincial Chess Challenge, Vancouver
Daffodil Open
Dates: April 23-24
Place: University of Victoria
Type: 5-round Swiss 
Worker's Memorial Chess Tournament
Dates: April 23-24
Place: Village Square, 349 Tranquille Rd., Kamloops
Type: 6-round Swiss
Appleblossom Open
Dates: May 7, 8
Place: Best Western Vernon Lodge, 3914 32nd St., Vernon
Type: 5-round Swiss
Spring Open (Seasonal Grand Prix)
Dates: May 7, 8
Place: tba
Type: 4-round Swiss
Paul Keres Memorial
Dates: May 20-23
Place: Hungarian Cultural Centre, 728 Kingsway, Vancouver
Type 6- or 7-round Swiss
Island Open
Dates: June 11-12
Place: University of Victoria
Type: 5-round Swiss
Summer Open (Seasonal Grand Prix)
Dates: June 25, 26
Place: tba
Type: 4-round Swiss