BC Chess Federation Executive - 2004

The British Columbia Chess Federation is a society whose purposes are
- to extend and foster interest in chess throughout the Province.
- to assist and co-ordinate the affairs and activities of chess clubs in the Province.
- to assist in the settlement of chess disputes within the Province.

BC Chess Federation

P.O. Box 15548
Vancouver, BC
V6B 5B3

Executive Officers

President, CFC Governor

Bruce Harper - Vancouver
email: bruce54321@shaw.ca
phone: 604-263-8264


Joe Oszvald - North Vancouver
email: oszisakk@telus.net
phone: 604-980-4249

Secretary-Treasurer, CFC Governor

Lyle Craver - North Vancouver
email: lcraver@shaw.ca
phone: 604-980-2040

Executive Members

Vice-President ( Vancouver Island )

Lynn Stringer - Victoria
email: lynnstringer@shaw.ca
phone: 250-658-5207 Fax 250-658-5605

Vice-President ( North ), CFC Governor

John Niksic - Prince Rupert
email: jniksic@citytel.net
phone: 250-624-2937

Vice-President ( Interior )


Tournament Coordinator, CFC Governor

Gregory Churchill - Victoria
email: spitball@shaw.ca

Co-Junior Coordinator

Stephen Wright - Vancouver
email: swright2@telus.net
phone: 604-221-7148

Co-Junior Coordinator

Katherine Davies - Vancouver
email: Mail-for-katherine@telus.net
phone: 604-266-5842

Publicity Coordinator


Clubs Coordinator

Hugh Long - Langley
email: hughraine@telus.net
phone: 604-530-4693


Paul Brown - Vancouver
email: paulbrn@shaw.ca
phone: 604-324-7013

Equipment Coordinator


Scholastic Coordinator


Member at Large, CFC Governor

Jason Feng - Vancouver
email: jason.feng@shaw.ca

Member at Large, CFC Governor

Jim Ferguson - Victoria
email: jcf@uvic.ca
phone: 250-384-9699